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Філологія / Мови / Література»Англійська мова та література»

Контрольна з англійськохї мови за 2 курс Інститут реклами

Карточка работы:38381ф
Тема: Контрольна з англійськохї мови за 2 курс Інститут реклами
Предмет:Англійська мова та література
Дата выполнения:2007
Специальность (факультет):Дизайнер середовища
Тип:Контрольна робота
Задание:Контрольна робота № 2 1. Складіть зі слів речення і перекладіть їх на українську мову: 1. you, have, visited, ever, Russian Museum. Kiev, in? 2. I, about, going, to, write, am. my, impressions, first; 3. you, would, a, like, of, juice, glass? 4. a, there, man, is, near, office, the; 5. can, work, new, we, payments, system, out, а; 6. well, how, he, German, speaks! 7. you, have, before, met, him? 8. English, cradle, London, a, of, culture, is; 9. exact, she, only, likes, results; 10. the, Anna, is, web-designer, department our, best, in. ІІ. Поставте дієслова в дужках в потрібному часі і перекладіть їх на українську мову. 1. Have you heard about Linda? Yes, she (to go)____to Rome. 2. He ____ probably (to visit)____us on his way to London. 3. They usually have supper at 8 o'clock. But yesterday they (to have)_______ at 9 o'clock. 4. There (to be)_______an abundance of rainfall in the west 5 years ago. 5. Tom is in London. He (to study)_____computer programs these days. 6. Mr. Morgan (to prepare)_______ personal report yesterday. 7. When _____ she usually (to get up)____in the morning? 8. The USA (to consider)________to be one of the richest countries in the world. 9. Our Chief Designer (to arrive)_________ tomorrow at 9. 10. This article (to write) _______ by the most famous scientist 10 years ago. ІІІ. Складіть 10 речень про свої плани на майбутнє, вживаючи Present Continuous Tense, Future Indefinite Tense, дієслово «to be going to». Зробіть переклад утворених вами речень. ІV. Перекладіть текст письмово на українську мову і дайте письмові відповіді на наступні питання: 1. Describe professional qualifications and areas of designers' activities. 2. State, what are one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional designing? 3. Summarize design found in nature. Who Makes Designs? Most professional designers specialize in a specific field such as dresses, furniture. automobiles, or books. These people usually have special training and experience in that particular field. Yet, to some degree, each of us is a designer. The choices we make in our clothing, the way we set a table, arrange flowers and furniture, and decorate the walls of our homes all these involve planning and organizing to meet our needs. These may be functional needs of the body or the may be nonfunctional needs of the spirit, but each is creative. Types of Design There are two important types of designs created by people. First are designs which are made for flat, two-dimensional surfaces. Second are designs made for three-dimensional objects. Two-dimensional designing includes such activities as drawing, painting, and producing surface patterns on fabrics, rugs, and wallpaper and in advertising layouts, Three-dimensional designing includes sculpture; architecture; handicrafts such as jewelry, pottery, and leatherwork: clothing; and machine-made objects such as automobiles, stoves, chairs, and pencil sharpeners. Design is also found in nature. The pebble, washed by the rains of the ages, wears to a beautiful free-flowing form. There is design in the swelling, spiraling form of seashells and the upward soar of a pine. There is design in the arrangement of petals on a flower, the spacing of leaves on a stem. People have studied the basic rhythms in natural forms so that might also design pleasing relationships.
ВУЗ:Інститут реклами (ІР)
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