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Контрольна робота з англю мови за 2 курс Інститут реклами

Карточка работы:38382ф
Тема: Контрольна робота з англю мови за 2 курс Інститут реклами
Предмет:Англійська мова та література
Дата выполнения:2007
Специальность (факультет):Дизайнер середовища
Тип:Контрольна робота
Задание:Контрольна робота № 3 1. Перепишіть наступні речення. Зазначте, які з речень є: a) виразом прохання (make a request), b) пропозицією (make an offer), c) розповіддю про можливості (talk about ability)? Перекладіть речення українською мовою. 1. Linda could sing opera songs when she was young. 2. Can we organize a meeting with Chief Accountant for you? 3. Would you let us know if there'll be some changes in the contract? 4. Monika can make a presentation of any product made by our plant. 5. Could you book two return tickets to London? 6. May take your magazine? 2. Виберіть логічно підходящі модальні дієслова, вставте їх в речення. 1. Training personnel staff to deal with applicants in your enterprise is very important. They...........learn to be good psychologists. a) should b) need to c) mustn't 2. Bank staff.............also have good knowledge of figures so as to be able to answer customers' questions. a) needn't b) should c) must 3. Credits.............be presented attractively if you want people to take them. a) need to b) shouldn't c) must 4. Unlike bookkeepers, you.............keep a lot of cash in your department. a) don't have to b) needn't e) must 5. The agreement..........be checked before the end of the month. a) should b) needs to e) mustn't 6. We........be patient when our goals are for the long term. a) must b) need to c) don't have to 3. Доповніть статтю правильною термінологією. Stress Stress is a part of life. The problem is that a high level of stress may lead 10 poor health, bad relationships at work, low morale, and a .....(1) of productivity. It is important to be able to recognize the ...(2) of the stress, such as difficulty in communicating with colleagues, overeating, loss of* appetite or sleeping badly. People in business may suffer ....(3) stress for many different reasons: if the) are overworked, if they have to work ....(4) tight deadlines, if they always feel .....(5) pressure, if they cannot get their reports in on time or if they cannot meet their .... ............(6) 1. a) loss b) fall c) down 2. a) shows b) symptoms c) signals 3. a) on b) from c) under 4. a) for b) with c) to 5. a) on b) below c) under 6. a) targets b) aims c) opportunities 4. Зєднайте слова з їхніми дефініціями та перекладіть українською мовою. 1. a credit card 2. an account 3. a loan 4.savings 5. interest a) extra money that you get if you have invested money or that you pay if you have borrowed money b) money that you keep in a bank to use later c) a sum of money that you borrow d) an arrangement between a bank and a customer for the customer to pay in and to take out money e) a plastic card that you use to buy goods 5. Доповніть речення словами з таблиці та перекладіть речення українською мовою involves is responsible let sharing deals 1. Mary Fox is our Quality Control Inspector. She ............ for monitoring our products and trying to improve their quality. 2. Could you.........us have your previous employer's details? 3. Wouid you mind........an office with three other people? 4. Monika Flex works for Export Department. She .......... with selling overseas. 5. David White works for Research and Development. His job ............. developing new products and new ideas. 6. Відредагуйте текст. В кожній з 1 по 6 строки є одне невірне слово. Підкресліть невірні слова. Напишіть у позначених місцях вірні слова. Basically, the same rules apply for both business e-mails and letters: be clear, be polite, and be brief. Over the past of ten years, there has been a tendency for business correspondence to become a simpler, more informal, and this tendency is often even more visible in e-mails. But some things they have not changed. Clarity of layout is still important, so use paragraphs and can space them out. Grammar and spelling too need to be accurate if you want to make a good impression on your business and partners. Remember that even the best spellchecker cannot find all errors, so always check your e-mails carefully for accuracy. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Прочитайте текст. Перепишіть та письмово перекладіть 3-4 абзаци. Principles of Design 1. If the elements of design are thrown together without plan, the result is confusion. The elements must be carefully organized into a unified design. This is done by following the principles known as proportion, rhythm, and balance. 2. The general proportion of 3 to 5 is often used. There are many proportions which are pleasing to the eye. It is the artist's job to develop interesting proportion whether the object be a clock, a dinner fork, or a sewing machine. 3. Rhythm. Rhythm is movement which we feel in looking at a design. It often results from a repetition of forms which flow in a given direction like the upward thrusts of a picket fence. Rhythm maybe seen in a polka dot design or in a checkerboard design. The simple shapes and spaces between them are always the same. We call this a static rhythm. It has no variety and is therefore somewhat monotonous. Other types of rhythm have more variety and interest. Instead of a single shape there may be a group of related shapes whose height, width, or depth may change as well as the space between them. Ocean waves are an example. 4. Balance. You may have seen two children on a seesaw. If they are the same weight, they balance each other when they sit the same distance from the center. This is equal, or symmetrical, balance. If a heavier child wants to seesaw with a small child, the larger must move closer to the center to be balanced by the weight of the small child. This is unequal balance. 5. Nature provides us with many examples of equal and unequal balance. The formal symmetry of a pine tree is an equal balance; but the irregular, unequal jutting limbs of an oak are also in balance. In designs made by artists we also find examples of equal and unequal balance. If two shapes are about the same size and color, they will balance each other if placed about equal distance from the center of the design. However, if two shapes arc unequal in size, the smaller will need to be placed farther from the center to make them appear balanced. 6. The artist learns to deal with many problems of balance. He learns how to balance each of the elements of design: line, color, value, space, mass, and texture. Fie finds that horizontal lines can be used to balance vertical ones. A small area of complex shape will balance a large area of simple shape. Small areas of bright color balance larger areas of dull color. There is no mathematical formula for determining balance in design. Through experience and practice the artist develops an ability to fee! when all the parts of his design are in balance. 8. Прочитайте 5, 6 абзац та дайте письмову відповідь на наступні запитання: 1. What examples does nature provide us with? 2. Can we find examples of equal and unequal balance in designs made by artists? What are they? 3. What does artist develop through experience?
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